Maseeha Public School


General Rules and Regulations

  1. Students should reach the school on time.Late comers will be admitted in the class only with the permission of the Principal.
  2. Habitual late comers (more than 3 times) may also be asked to leave school.
  3. Students are required to attend the school in clean,neat and full uniform on all working days.
  4. Due to valid reason if any student is not in full uniform, the reason needs to be mentioned in diary with the signature of the parent. He/she will be permitted in the class only with the permission of the Principal.
  5. School diary should be brought to school daily
  6. English is the medium of instruction in the school. so English should be used at all times in the school premises.
  7. Parents/guardians/visitors are not allowed to visit their ward or teachers in the classroom without the permission of the Principal.
  8. Students are not allowed to remain in the class during recess.
  9. Students shall go inline to classrooms,practicalrooms,library and play ground silently.
  10. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal.
  11. Students are expected to sort out their problem, if any, in dialogue with the teachers or Principal.
  12. No subscription can be raised without the permission of the principal.No gift may be made to the staff unless permitted by the Principal.
  13. Pupils shall have no money dealing with each other nor will they keep money with them.
  14. Students who expect to return late to their homes are responsible for informing their parents about it in advance.
  15. Students are strictly forbidden from bringing valuable articles and wearing gold ornaments.
  16. Students are expected to take care of the school property,and to keep their classroom, school building and the campus neat and clean.
  17. Fines will be levied from the students who damage the school property also they will be dealt with severely. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to class teacher or Principal.
  18. Students are expected to act responsibly towards their own belongings too. School will not be responsible for the goods lost.
  19. Students are forbidden to bring unapproved objects,books,magazines which cause disturbance to others.
  20. Students failing to abide by the CoC of the students in the campus will be issued red cards. 3 chances for improvement will be given after which students shall be suspended/dismissed based on the gravity of the offense.

Code Of Conduct for Students

  1. pil and parents a willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the school
  2. Every student of this school is expected to conduct himself / herself with dignity and decorum at all times and in all places.
  3. Punctuality, neatness, uniformity in dress are insisted upon while courtesy, consideration for others, responsibility, respect, dignity of labor and cooperative spirit are encouraged.


Discipline is the back-bone of development in all spheres of life. It has special significance in education. It is desired of students to maintain discipline inside the class room and outside. The self imposed discipline in punctuality, neatness, dress,behavior, respect, consideration for others and co-operative spirit are required of each student.

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