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knowledge to change the world
Maseeha Public School is a Co-ed English medium Smart day school offering CBSE curriculum. The school also follows the CCE pattern through periodic assessments and term end exams. Students are admitted after an entrance test and an interactive session with the child and his/her parents. We believe every child is special therefore, we emphasize individual attention on each child. We aim at the holistic development of the students. We focus on learning by doing where the teacher facilitates, inspires and motivates the students taking the help of modern technology through smart boards. We develop social, behavioral and life-skills in every child so as the make them responsible individuals of the society.
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Abdul kadir

open letter

a letter from our director

A child’s world is a beautiful yet mysterious tapestry made up of a multitude of hopes and aspirations dyed in incandescent colours of thought and deed and their world is very much influenced by the school environment as they spend most of their childhood in school. Thus, schooling has the greatest influence on an individual’s life. It should enable the child to blossom into a well-balanced person, healthy in mind and spirit.

Let education help dear children’s to empower themselves and transform the world into a place where truth, justice, liberty, and equality have the sway. As I glance back at the performance of the children in various activities during the last academic year, be it curricular, co-curricular, I can confidently say that our students have certainly made us, parents and teachers proud of their achievements.

The school endeavors to equip its students to excel in academics, and to be savvy in the use of technology. But equally, knowledge is to become a liberating experience as the child is encouraged to discover his interests, his talents and aptitudes, and learn to form his opinions and role in society.

May you all continue to scale greater and insurmountable heights of excellence. I take this opportunity to congratulate the principal, staff, and students; every effort of the team is highly appreciated who has contributed towards making learning so meaningful.

School MOTTO

The school’s motto “LOVE ONE ANOTHER” is the cornerstone around which the character and personality of every child is moulded. The school visualises an educational system based on instilling cardinal values, pursuit of excellence in all things and service to humanity. Thus as the students step out of the sacrosanct precincts of their alma mater they are armed with faith in themselves, belief in goodness and righteousness, fortitude to face the buffeting winds of change and a desire to serve humanity.